Making ALL forms of art accessible to a greater public is one of the key elements of TeeKay’s works. In most of his ballets he kept intergrating texts and languages as well as referring to the fine arts. 

2011 – Kurt Schwitters meets Basquiat and Penck

This first project with the Sprengel Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Hanover, was the result of the possibility to perform texts of German Dada Artist Kurt Schwitters in a fantastic location. The huge open lobby of the museum, which can be visited fro free without having to pay the entrance fee for the whole museum,  contained 12 paintings of different modern artists, amongst them Jean Paul Basquiat, A.R. Penck and Markus Lüppertz.

During a very intensive 48 hour rehearsal period TeeKay and 15 co-actors trained in the arts of improve-theatre blended different poems and short dramatic scenes contrasting them with the paintings.

Some of the costumes referred clearly to the paintings, some added a complete new level. 

2012 – TWISCH – Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Kurt Schwitters


One year later he would extend the idea of remembering Hanovers most versatile artist Kurt Schwitters by founding TWISCH together with many other artists working in Hanover.