PART-icip-ART – Art vor Everyone

Making the arts accessible for everyone has always been one of TeeKay goals. Throughout his career he keeps bringing together professional artists, amateurs and absolute beginners together to create and share exceptional experiences. The scale of these projects reaches from huge productions for International Music Festivals and new performance concepts in traditional theatrical settings to small events where interested audiences are involved in avant-garde forms of artistic production.

1995 – Pictures in the Park – Lucerne Music Festival

In 1995 TeeKay developed the Open Air Dance and Music performance “Pictures in the Park” for the International Music Festival Lucerne. More than 50 musicians, 40 dancers and 12 choreographers provided an unusual walk around the Richard Wagner Museum in Lucerne. Set to Mussorgsky’s “Pictures of an exhibition” audiences were free to walk around the transfigured park on the small Tribschen peninsula in the Lake Lucerne to experience live dance and music right in front of their eyes. TeeKay united his own experiences as actor in the famous “Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten” in Hanover, Germany

2006 – Mozart on the Street – Berlin - Hanover

Though Mozart is perhaps the world’s most famous composer and many children have their first contact with theatre and opera by watching one of the many “Magic Flute” productions somewhere around the globe there are many people who have never heard an opera singer live in their whole life. In 2006 TeeKay created a couple of projects around Mozart's 250th birthday, amongst them  “trazoM kiasoM” and "Mozart on the Street".


2007 - Stuttgart as a Dancing City - Pepita all over :-)

In 2007, TeeKay was invited to be the project manager for “Cranko Moves Stuttgart” – a unique festival of the world famous Stuttgart Ballet. By moving out of the theatre into public spaces he made the often difficult art form of ballet accessible to everyone. Creating, planning and coordinating a set of site-specific projects and connecting people and institutions TeeKay was responsible for turning the whole of Stuttgart into a Dancing City.

2009 – Fat Cat Slimming – Kim’s Trip around the World

One of the largest productions in the field of sports involved over 80 children, 25 Grownups and 15 senior citizens in a Musical developed for the Swabian Gymnasts Foundation. Promoting the important aspects of physical and mental health and also social development for younger children as well as the importance of physical movement for all ages “Kim’s tour around the world” followed the lazy Garfield shaped kitten Kim losing weights by traveling around the globe.

Meeting with monkeys in Africa, Grizzly bears in North and lamas and alpacas in South America, Penguins and a walrus that decided to discover the Antarctic Kim learns a lot about the different places and the different animals. After coming across wise and old Pandas in the Asian Jungles and Kangaroos in Australia she has not only lost weight but made amazing friends along the way.

One of the special challenges of “Kim’s Trip” was the unusual setting of the performances in gymnasiums without any possibility for theatrical lighting and proper scenery. So TeeKay deceived a system of “dressing” the huge mattresses used in gymnasiums. With every scene change the mattresses changes their position or were stripped of another layer of painted cloth thus revealing the next picture.