Discussing Urgent Social Questions on Stage



2008 – L’Italiana in Dubai – Rossini Festival Bad Wildbad

In 2008 TeeKay updated the Rossini Opera “L’Italiana in Algier” by transferring the plot to modern Arab Gulf states. In the original the Italian heroine Isabella is looking for her enslaved fiancé Lindoro. In TeeKays version she is flying into Dubai where Lindoro works on a construction site of the Burgh Dubai. TeeKay thus anticipates the discussion of the past years about the Kafala, the undignified slavelike working conditions in Qatar which are presently discussed on the background of the Qatar being the site of the 2022 World Soccer Tournament.


1993 – Labyrinths & – Alfred Schnittke - Lucerne Music Festival

The second highlight for the Lucerne Music Festival was a whole evening with pieces set to works of Russian born composer in Residence Alfred Schnittke. TeeKay chose two of his works “Labyrinths” and the “Concerto for piano and String Orchestra” to present aspects of alienation. While creating a futuristic ballet blanc to the piano concerto with wasp like black figures moving within a completely red cubic space only lit by 6 glowing and every now and then mythically smoking towers moving through the cubic space he opted for a political topic in “Trau , Schau, Wem?” set to the music of “Labyrinths”.

As a reaction to the burning of the many refugee in East Germany at the beginning of the nineties he portrayed a posh WASP society on an otherwise completely emptied stage. Confronted with the arrival of an Asian women pushed into their premises by uniformed men in antibacterial pandemic outfits the inner dynamics of the group are speeding up.

Despite the efforts of a few individuals to help the stranger she is virtually hunted to death by the majority and after dying of exhaustion the huge back wall of the theatre opens and the uniformed men ENTSORGEN the corpse into the street behind the theatre.



1991 – Insects – A Children’s Ballet

The third cooperation with Christian Schaaf presented was a short, entertaining and intelligent allusion to classical story ballets. Transporting a fairy tale topic of a pretty girl and a juvenile rowdy in a Disney like world of insects in y typical European lawn he pushed the boundaries of story telling. The cockroach (danced by Stuttgart ballet soloist Mark Mc Clain in the premiere) is flirting heavily but in vain with the pretty MAIKÄFER , danced by Isabel Schad. He is just too much of a show off guy for her.

But after she has been captured the notorious cockroach organizes all insects in the lawn to work cooperate while opening the shoe box she has been trapped in.

After this joyous salvation she agrees to marry hi and the insects celebrate the wedding in the style of most story ballets last acts, giving a chance for all the young dancers to show off their dancing abilities as well as their beautiful costumes, created by Hanover fashion designer Uwe Arlt.

But TeeKay holds another dramatic twist for the very end, when suddenly in the middle of the party an airplane carrying insecticides flies across the lawn, killing all butterflies, bumble bees with the exception of the cockroach and one of the ants.


This way TeeKay ensured that parents and children in the audience would engage into severe ecological discussions after the show.