AI-DANCE – A Robot Flash Mob

AI-Dance is a FlashMob for robots in which different types of robots (eg, androids, industrial robots, insectoids, canoes, drones, etc.) interact in different ways in a dance-like manner. The climax is a part of absolutely synchronized choreography, in which all robots will follow the same spatial patterns together.
AI Dance offers a mix of human and AI-driven dance and movement patterns (choreographies) for various autonomous robots.
In this way, completely different types of robots can dance together.

Choreographic research project

The acronym CARDS stands for Choreography (for) Autonomous Robotic Dance Synchronization. The Greek word “choreography” has a background in the theater and usually refers to the invention of a series of movements for dancers. In the twentieth century its importance for any kind of synchronized movement was expanded, for example for the fans’ barriers in football stadiums.
In general, it is the “coordination of movements of objects in space,” in which the objects can move synchronously or in increments of many degrees of freedom increasingly autonomous and independent of each other.
Synchronized processes are also part of the biological and technical area
In dance, it is usually the music that gives clues to the work. A criterion for a good choreography is therefore the musicality of the movement and the conscious choice of the music – which piece I choose for which action.

AI as the basis for the analysis of dance video

Over the past 10 years, many art-inspired AI projects have been developed. These projects focused mainly on 2-D painting and music for two reasons:
1. The computing power was not strong enough to analyze complex movements
2. The iconographic and memetic value of the famous painting made these projects accessible to a wider audience

New computing power and advanced technologies now enable the analysis of video-recorded human motion.

Extraction of choreographic patterns from videos

In a second phase of the project a complex AI will extract movement patterns from several famous choreographies. These include Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as well as the so called “White acts” of Swan Lake, where the breathtaking unison of the movements of the 32 dancers is part of the perfection.
Ethnic and folkloric dances from all over the world should also be captured by the extraction algorithm.

Playful storytelling access

Nahfolgend einige Beispiele für eine spielerische Integration verschiedener Roboterarten in eine Geschichte:

Here are some examples of a playful integration of different robot types into a story:
Peter Pan and the fairies – miniature drones surround a dancer
Crabbing – spiders and insects (arachnoids and insectoids) can, in combination with tiny drones, enable a crawling invasion
Humanoids Disco Dance Floor – Humanoids dance together with people, partly free improvised, partly as a group choreographer – who flirts with whom?
Musical Robots / Robot Orchestra – this singalong activity makes use of the fact that by changing the speed of robots you may tune them into different frequencies – music arises
David and Goliath – industrial robots in intense interaction with dancers, but never touched or injured

Possible performances

Festa San Giovanni Torino
Hannover Fair 2020
Motek Stuttgart
Automatica Munich

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