#DARK – Global awareness for the Arts

On the shortest day of this Corona year artists all over the world will publicly share their art. This way they create a network of decentralized public appearances, live on the streets and online.
Each artist or ensemble decides for themselves see which act or contribution may be best suited. Whether to stand alone as a soloist or as a pandemic ensemble, small or large, with distance and masks.

Use spaces in front of theatres, cinemas, museums, libraries, concert halls, clubs and other cultural venues.

3 days before Christmas we aim to make politicians and other decision-makers aware of the difficult situation in which we, the thousands of self employed people working in the arts and other creative fields find ourselves at present. In case you understand German, please read this great article by Sascha Lobo published in “Der Spiegel”.

Call for action!

The network PostPandemicPerformances, founded in May 2020, are calling upon artists of all disciplines and others in the creative industries to participate in this year’s winter solstice on Monday, 21. 12.2020 as of 12:21 pm to perform artistic actions of any kind.
Whether you perform in front of your presumably locked-down  theatres, museums, libraries, concert halls, clubs, cinemas, youth centers or other places of culture – the choice is yours.
Whether it’s an open air performance in public places of your city or a youtuve stream from your living room – your artistic choice!

We kindly ask you to simply use the hashtags #DARK & #ParticipArt – if you happen to live in Germany #KulturAktionsDemo will also do. Feel free to come up with hashtags in your language.

The power of the creative industries

Millions of people work in creative industries. While performers are easy to spot on stages of all kinds, others are less visible. Whether they develop socio-cultural projects in civic engagement or create new worlds in their studios or on digital devices. A huge amount of our co-workers are those in the background, responsible for planning and organization and the many tech people including so many more than just the sound and light people. We invite all of you to participate in this #DARK winter solstice action !

  • Be loud or almost inaudibly quiet,
  • recite poetry or sing,
  • make music,
  • dance, juggle or do magic,
  • put on makeup or paint masks, or even the ground around you, which will be your stage for this moment,
  • transforms walls through projections,
  • parade your current artworks onto public spaces

Nevertheless due to the urgency and tragic occasion of the general situation, we recommend to be dressed in black.

Support us

Please help us to spread the news about #DARK. Connect with your friends & colleagues, come up with ideas and add them to our list. If you want translate either this English version or the longer German one into your language, feel free to do so. Send your translation to participart@kreissig.net so we can add a subpage in your language on this website.

Safety first!

Whatever you decide to perform, please always note that the second wave is presently increasing. When out in the real world, keep your distances, wear masks! Do not endanger yourself or others!
Stay safe and unite to turn #DARK into a truly successful and sustainable action!

Last Update of this subpage: Dec 15th 2020, 18:00