Rossini Works

In addition to his numerous Mozart projects, the works of Gioacchino Rossini are among Thorsten Kreissig’s particular passions. He has directed many Rossini operas and as a choreographer has created many dance pieces using the wonderful energetic music of the “swan of Pesaro”..
His works as director include

Most of his productions were developed at the Rossini Festival in Bad Wildbad in the south of Germany. The festival was founded in the late 80ies to commemorate the fact that Rossini had stayed in Bad Wildbad a few times to cure his syphilis.

It opened a lot of opportunities for young singers at the beginning of their careers. Kreissigs style of direction and the plots provided a lot of laughter during the rehearsals as well as in the performances.

Occasione fa il ladro, Rossini Festival Bad Wildbad 2006

The “doctors” hunt and diagnose the Captain 🙂

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