Windows42 is a site specific installation at the CCH (Computational Creativity Hub) in the Belval Campus for the communal art project Singularity42. A series of windows form a straight tunnel through the exhibition space. Each window provides different forms of interaction between the people on both sides. The possiblity of direct interaction is reduced with every further window. Technology fills the gap.
The pictures were taken at the first mock-up installation in November 2021 using simple tape to model the final installation.

Window 1

Window 1 is a simple photo of the other side of the wall.

Window 2

Window 2 is an empty frame permitting physical, optical and acoustic contact between the visitors on either side: a real hand shake, hearing the other persons voice

Window 3 & 4

Windows 3 & 4 uses the orginal internal glass window of the CCH. Touch and sound are now blocked, but visitors can still see each other.

Looking through Window 3 & 4 onto Window 7

Window 7 & 17

Windows 7 & 17 are completely technological. Visitors on both sides of the wall can see and hear each other via a simple combination of a 2 camera and 2 screens.

Windows 7 (still named Window 4 in the mock up) with a sketch of the monitors on the wall

Window 42

Windows 42 is an installation where people will see themselves as part of a destroyed world. Their image is being included and in video-sequences of destuctions during times of war: starting from historical combats such as WW1 and WW2 up to the desctrucions in Sysria or the present attack of Russian president Putin against the Ukraine

Windows 42 – Post Singularity – the world in destruction

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