Cassandras Digital Corridor

”Cassandras Digital Corridor” is a “walk in”-sculpture pointing towards possible dystopian or elysian aspects of our radically digitized society. Expanding the idea of the visionary powers of Cassandra, the famous Trojan priestess of Apollo in Greek mythology the visitors interact with different aspects of visualization.
These include the question of individual self perception, the representation of knowledge in our digital age, our choice of ictures and finally the creation of a possible future space.
Because Cassandra was cursed to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed, the visitors can choose if they want to share their explorations and created images with other visitors in the exhibition and the world or merely enjoy them in their own privacy.

Walk In Experience

Cassandras Digital Corridor is an immersive and fairly complex art installation with a gloomy-lit winded corridor of about 15 m length with 4 stations:

  • Facial Twist (transforming the faces of the visitors instantaneously into art works)
  • Social Vision (an internet search is being visualized)
  • Dream Choice (visitors choose their favorite between 2 pictures)
  • Painting Space (using their bodies, visitors will create a virtual painting)

At each station, the visitor has 3 minutes time for interaction and then 1 minute for moving to the next station. Exploring Cassandras Digital Corridor will therefor have a total immersion experience of 17 minutes.
Every 4 minutes a new vistor may enter the art work.

The Four Exploratory stations

Facial Twist

The facial twist captures the visitor simultaneously with three cameras from 3 different angels:
front, left and right. These pictures are then blended into each other using a more advanced version of style changing image software such as Pikazo, a very popular project.
As in a normal photo-booth visitors may pose multiple times to create their favourite image of themselves as Cassandra.

Social Vision – Social Visibility

Cassandras words were important. So here every word a visitor speaks will be shown to them in writing on a monitor. At the same time an extended internet search is triggered by these searchwords and the results are presented to them.

Possible choices might be their own representation by using their own name and personal data or to explore a topic that is completely new to them out of pure curiosity.

Dream choice

During 90 seconds the visitor will see a cascade of photos, always 2 at a time and always visible for only a short amount of time, between 3 and 10 seconds. By moving either their left or right hand during these slots, the visitors makes choices. The collection of their choices will be send to their mobile phones, once as a simple series, once as a smoothened landscape.

Painting Space

A camera captures the movements of the visitors bodies in different colours depending on the speed they move them. The colourful traces of these movements create a body painting.
This way visotors will be able to physically create a privately painted space.

Personal and Public Memories

Upon entering the fairly dark corridor visitors can deposit an email adress where the results will be forwarded to. If they choose an email on their mobile phone, they will receive the results immediately.
At every station the visitors can decide if they want their works to be projected on the 4 screens on the outside of the corridor.

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