TeeKay choreographed nearly as early as he danced. His first choreography on a larger stage was called “The marionette” and showed two puppeteers fighting to gain control of the string-puppet. It was part of the annual school performance in 1975 of the John-Cranko-School in Stuttgart, where TeeKay received his ballet education since he was 9 years old. “The marionette” would be chosen as one of the pieces to receive an upgrade by students of the costume design class at the Stuttgart University of the Arts. The class was taught by Jürgen Rose, one of the most renowned set and costume designers in Germany. The student to create the costumes for TeeKay later made an international career under her artists name Rosalie.
25 years later they would cooperate again at a event celeberating the 200th anniversary of the chemical company Heraeus. Teekay would be responsible for the high-tech choreography of the gala show, the amazing decor was created by Rosalie.

Dancers performing different aspects of metallurgical and chemical processes

The contemporary, theatrical transmission of stories to broad audiences shapes the focus of the choreographic work of Thorsten Kreissig. He manages to bring the talents to bloom, regardless of the dancing quality and age of the dancers.During his time as a director in Switzerland for the Lucerne Ballet, he created new versions of numerous classical ballet works. including “Sleeping Beauty”, “The Firebird” and “Coppélia” after E.T.A. Hoffmann.
< With only 13 dancers, he receives impressive translations of Ibsen’s “Peer!” And completely unique creations that anticipate the fractal narrative style of today’s media world. (A list of works can be found here) According to the announcement”, the world of associations of the number ten varies in a subtle way, in “Digits” high-acrobatic fast moving arithmetic operations take place and “Crazy Clips” and “Game Over Petrushka” shift the boundaries between reality and media consumption.

His sovereign handling of complex musical structures led in 1993 to a pure Schnittke evening for the International Music Festival Lucerne and in 2007 to the posthumous premiere of Adnan Saygun’s ballet “Bir Kumru Masali” at the State Opera in Izmir.

Please go to the list the list of all of TeeKays choreographies. (in German)

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