ESCH22 – European Cultural Capital

I am very happy to be involved with Esch 2022 as one of the three European Cultural Capitals. Located in the South of Luxemburg the city of Esch sur Alzette has undergone an amazing transformation in the past 15 years. As one of European hotspots of heavy mining and steel industries the region around Esch has contributed to the wealth of Luxembourg in the 19th and 20th century. But the city has moved on and now hosts cultural and educational institutions, banks and innovative start-ups.

Connecting art and education

I have always enjoyed to combine art and education by creating projects in and with schools, universities and other institutions. Since November 2020 I have been connected to the University of Luxembourg as well as the IFEN, the National Institute for Teachers Education.

The AI and Robot Lab at Uni.Lu

The AI & Robolab is one of the most experimental departments at Uni.Lu. It provides a lot amazing technical opportunities for its students as well as opening their research up towards a larger public.

Connecting the two QT-robots down at the Robolab

The F.Use – experimental learning space in Belval

The F.Use is the new experimental learning centre at Belval Campus open for teachers an students.

The team of the F.Use welcomes the studenst of Lycee Guillaume Kroll

RobEschMove – Robotic-Dance – Robots in motion

RobEschMove combines the different robots at the AI&Robolab of the university with the robots of the F.Use, the new experimental learning center of the IFEN which was inaugurated in September 2021. Both institutions are actually only 150m apart on the Belval-Campus and work on different approaches of robotic movement.

Some of the smaller robots at the F.Use

Windows42 – a site specific installation

Windows42 is a site-specific installation in the Computational Creativity Hub (CCH) of the University of Luxembourg. It is part of the for Singularity42 exhibition during Esch2022.
Using the architectural design of the CCH Windows42 enables different levels of contact between the vistitors who are separated and connected at the same by a series of window frames.

Mock up from November 2021 for “Windows 42” at the CCH


In most epochs of human history the idea of an omnipotent, all-knowing entity was reserved to the gods. This has produced a multitude of different belief systems and religions.
Today the possibilities of AI systems are close to reaching a similiar level of omniscience and have induced many dystopian and elysian visions. DEUS-X-MACHINA takes a both philosophical and entertaining approach by creating ethical chatbots with different religious and philosophical backgrounds. who will enter into dialogues upon different topics. Please visit the new website and join our community !

Members of the DEUS team in the CCH – tired but happy

A Midsummer Nights Drone Dream – MNDD

Drones have been used in many different ways in the arts. They provide “drone fireworks” across the skies and are also seen on stage interacting with dancers and /or actors, where the movements will be preset and choreographed. “A Midsummer Nights Drone Dream” explores the control of two drone swarms hovering around 2 human bodies and thereby expanding the volume of the dancers in space.
The drones symbolize the fairy servants to Oberon and Titania, the king and queen of the spiritual world evoked in Shakespeares “Midsummernights Dream”.

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