The Electronic Trash Orchestra (ETO)

The Electronic Trash Orchestra (ETO) is an interactive art project to promote sustainability and raise awareness about electronic waste. In a temporrary setting this unique art project transforms old office and household machines into thought-provoking and collaborative artworks. It can be prganized as a stand alone project in museums or schools but it unfolds its potential best as a collaborative side project in a larger articstic, educational or even business oriented context such as fairs or exhibitions.

Involving the audiences

The visitors to an event are invited to bring along discarded typewriters, printers, copiers, toasters, telephones, radios, vacuum cleaners and others to the exhibition space. In case they are still able to be repaired, they can be fixed by tinkerers from a nearby repair-cafe or a school for electronics.

If they are beyond the state of repair but are still able to produce sounds or perform movements, they will become part of the ETO, the Electronic Trash Orchestra. They will be joined together in larger sculptures, installations and even interactive pieces crafted from the partly disassembled office machines.

ETO sounds – the “Churchbell Tuning” and the “Trash Concert”

Like a churchbell the ETO will engage once every full hour in a short tuning process for a quick period of about 30 seconds – , like every other orchestra in the world. Every evening the ETO will perform a sequence of about 5 minutes, where the different parts of the orchestra interact with each other in a more fine tuned way, like a normal orchestra.

Re-Use and Re-Cycle

At the end of the exhibition or the event all parts which could be officialy repaired will be sold or given away fro free to re-use stores. The unrepairable trash will be transported to the recycling department of a local waste enterprise.

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