Out of the Loop

Out of the loop (OOTL) is an interactive artwork where visitors may experience a moment of deception and disappointment by two friendly robots. It was developed in the years 2021-22 as as part of the Singularity42 project in collaboration with the AI&Robo Lab of the University of Luxembourg. It uses two Pepper robots (Yens & Stéphanie) who guide human visitors through an art exhibition. Therefor the robots are seen as helpful and friendly entities by the visitors.
But at a certain point the robots will ignore the humans and focus on themselves, will communicate in “machine sounds”, insult the humans and finally leaving them.
The humans are literally „Out of the Loop“.

Dealing with disappoinment

This frustrating situation must be moderated afterwards. The visitors are invited by the researchers to reflect on their feelings of frustration and disappointment.
The project poses interesting challenges on both technical and psychological levels.

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