Cassandras Climate Time Machine

CASSANDRAS CLIMATE TIME MACHINE ” (CCTM) is a combined multi-level art project consisting of a real physical “walk-in”-sculpture which can be set up in galleries and other exhibition spaces and a website where people can enjoy a unique online experience. Expanding the idea of the visionary powers of Cassandra, the famous Trojan priestess of Apollo in Greek mythology they interact with different aspects of data visualization.

Your personal Cassandra moment

CCTM takes each visitor on a very personal journey and points her/him towards possible impacts of climate change on their very lives. While for many decades climate change was a fairly abstract concept for most people in the rich developed countries we presently witness the results at our doorstep: the floods in central Europe, the heat waves in Australia, the wildfires across the Mediterranean, California or in Siberia. Suddenly we feel climate change.

Unless the rich developped countries in Europe, the Americas and parts of Asia are able to address the challenges of the climate catastrophe, humankind faces a truly horrifying future. The possible shutdown of the gulf stream, the accelarated melting of the Greenland ice-shield are all clear signs of the destructive effects of late capitalism.

But how can an art project help ?

Aesthetic and Sensual approaches vs intellectual knowledge

Art in all its forms has the capacity to find other, non intellectual ways to transport knowledge and emotions, to reach to the souls, hearts and the unconscious of people.
So instead of reading and watching all the horrors of the climate catastrophe online, how would you feel if you could look into your personal future and how it is affected by climate change.
What will happen to you if you find possible facebook posts, instagram fotos or tweets that are connected to you and your friends and family one year, 5 years, 10 or 30 years in the future?
We believe this could make a difference and maybe inspire you to go looking for possible changes in your life.

Make climate change personal

Most people in the developped countries will have one or more easily accessible public profiles on social media platforms. Using these images and texts and also the meta-data connected to your posts, the AI behind Cassandra will extrapolate possible posts in the future.

Raising Climate Awareness

Since the first publication of “The Limits to Growth” by the Club of Rome our political and economocal decision makers have had all the relevant information about climate change. Yet most of them haven chosen to ignore these Cassandras, their findings and facts and continued to destroy our planet.
It needed the courage and perseverance of a teenage girl from Sweden to ignite Fridays4Future, the global discussion and activate the young generation on a global level. Today they are supported by scientists and also by artists all over the globe.

Spin Offs and smaller projects

While developing the idea of CASSANDRAS CLIMATE TIME MACHINE ” (CCTM) many ideas popped up, that expand the idea of tine travel and art. Some of them will have a lighter touch and refer to art history on many levels. These ideas are soon be found on a separate page.