160 Seconds – The Movements

Welcome to U & I, the robot flash mob! On this page you find a table with the detailed description of the movements for the “160 Seconds” choreography. If the table confuses you at first don’t worry: there are some helpful tips at the end of the page as well as the stage plan. Please click here to download the MP3 file with the music. Have fun ! 🙂

How to read the table

The table has 4 columns which explain you the

  • Column 1 : time in the music in seconds
  • Column 2 : what you hear in the music
  • Colums 3: counts for dancers
  • Colums 3: description of the movements

The Overview of the movements

The movements are very simple so that any kind of robot should be able to dance them 🙂

TimeMusicBeats movement for Robots
(steam pipe rising)
4 x 8Robots move from off-camera to point C – the Center of the Robot Dance Floor
00:16Theme 1
(metal hammering sounds)
2 x 8Pulsing movements of robots left and right
00:242 x 8Pulsing movements of robots up and down
00:322 x 8Tilt the robot to the left or move only its right arm / extremity
00:402 x 8Tilt the robot to the right and move only its left arm
00:48Theme 2 –
plastic sounds
2 x 8spinning clockwise (to the right) in a small cicle as fast as possible 360 ° (or more) – stop the movement in the last moment
00:562 x 8spinning anti-clockwise (to the left) in a small cicle as fast as possible 360 ° (or more) – stop the movement in the last moment
01:042 x 8“Eye to Eye” – Move towards the camera as close as possible (point F)  – robot looks in the camera like for a selfie
01:122 x 8move back to point C

The stage plan

The stage plan shows you where your robot should move to.

Counting like dancers

The music für 160 Seconds consists of many phrases with each 8 beats. Dancers count the succeeding phrases of 8 with a so called BIG number at the beginning of each phrase:

  • ONE-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
  • TWO-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
  • THREE-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
  • FOUR-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

Advanced challenge

You can now have your robot either repeat the orginal choreography or you can continue with the free improvisation part.
Think of your own new movements or copy some steps from a dance video that you really like and “teach” them to your robot ! 🙂

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