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Throughour his career Thorsten Kreissig has been staging fascinating drama, dance and music theater. His productions of opera and operetta are just as impressive as his pure dance pieces. A true perfectionist he pays attention to every detail  – thus creating sophisticated images on multiple layers of meaning.
Quite often he makes use of his excellent sense of humor and comedic timing.
From a mere absurd humor in the sense of Monty Python or as a real thigh beating.

A Short Rehearsal Period ? No Problem!

In doing so, Kreissig also likes to transfer his actions into current worlds of life, delivering fast-paced, moving and extremely lively music theater even during tight festival rehearsals.

Humor as a trademark

Anyone who laughs knows how to look behind the facades. Therefore, many of Kreissig’s pieces are characterized by a humorous access to the subject matter: from the gentle profound smile in his Satie productions to the loud laughter of his Rossini-farces anything is possible.

Effective narrative choreographies that simultaneously drive action are a factor in successful musical productions. For many years Kreissig worked in the position of the “movement designer” with different directors, especially to bring opera or drama ensembles successfully to dance. Often he also took over the direction of production in person, as well as in “West Side Story” (2007), “The Rocky Horror Show” (1998) or “Polenblut” (2004).

The contemporary, theatrical transmission of stories to broad audiences shapes the focus of the choreographic work of Thorsten Kreissig. Regardless of the dancing quality and age of the dancers, he succeeds in discovering new talents and making existing talents blossom.
Parellel in his time as ballet director and chief choreographer of the Lucerne Ballet revisions of numerous classical ballet templates. including “Sleeping Beauty”, “The Firebird” and “Coppélia” after E.T.A. Hoffmann. With only 13 dancers, he receives impressive adaptations of Hendrik Ibsen’s “Peer!” And completely unique creations that anticipate the fractal narrative style of today’s media world.
“According to the announcement”, the world of associations of the number ten varies in a subtle way, in “Digits” high-acrobatic fast moving arithmetic operations take place and “Crazy Clips” and “Game Over Petrushka” shift the boundaries between reality and media consumption.
Specialist for modern music

His sovereign handling of complex musical structures repeatedly led to an exploration of the works of contemporary composers: in 1993, Kreissig created two works for the International Music Festival Lucerne for music by composer in residence Alfred Schnittke.
In 2007 he premiered the inherited ballet of Ahmad Adnan Saygun’s “Bir Kumru Masali” in Izmir, Turkey. (Link to the Bir Kumru video)

Cool theater for young and very young people

Children and teenagers are the most honest audience in the world. If they are not banned by a story, there is immediate trouble. Kreissig has repeatedly brought exciting productions for young people on the stage. Very often girls and boys aged 6 – 18 were also on stage here. Many well-known names have gained their first stage experience with TeeKay.
Some of these projects were also commissioned or sponsored by foundations: for example, the 90-minute turn-show “Kim’s Great Journey” was commissioned by the Kinderturnstiftung Baden Württemberg in 2009, which inspired children to positive first gymnastics, dance and sports experiences ,

Here you will find the complete works lists and individual descriptions of pieces.

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