Post Pandemic Performances EN

PostPandemicPerformances (PostPaPers) invites artists from all disciplines for new cooperations. This includes projects with artists from other art forms as well as a new approach towards and forms of cooperation with the civil society. We aim to collaborate in workshops and events to produce new post pandemic art, exploring old and building new bridges across the physical distancing of the recent months can be part of our post-pandemic experience horizon.

This can and should take as many different forms as possible.

  • biographical theater
  • on-site installations
  • new street art
  • exhibition formats
  • the use of media of all kinds

If you would like to participate as an individual, as a team, as an artist or as an institution, feel free to contact us by email
We look forward to an exciting, emotionally moving and – in spite of all the drama of the overall situation – by no means humorless “journey into unknown worlds” with you all.
At the moment we use use Jitsi for our online meetings, a wonderful open source tool that does not store any data.

Corona crisis in the reflection by culture and artists

The corona crisis has presented the whole world with unprecedented challenges. Although different countries developed individual strategies to contain the pandemic within their national borders, most of the world had to stick to more or less strictly defined curfews and wear masks for several weeks. As physical distancing became the global norm of behavior, the desire and need for real encounters increased.

At the same time, the usual cultural life collapsed everywhere. No theater, no concerts, no circus, no cinema, no sport.
Art shifted to the Internet. There has never been more streaming. Theaters and orchestras made free offers possible, recordings of old performances were made available online, dance companies and orchestras around the world created a large number of split-screen videos, which often dealt with music and dance in a humorous form.
What’s next?

Many of these traditional ensembles will sooner or later show art in the familiar form. The “Magic Flute”, Beethoven’s symphonies and rock concerts will bring people back together. You will see more people with masks in the audience.

As a network of freelance artists, we currently want to develop a series of flexible performance and exhibition formats in the form of so-called community art projects. In as intensive and close cooperation and co-creation as possible with civil society actors.

Based on the living environment of everyone involved in the respective subproject, we examine the new behavior options, develop mind games and future visions and make them visible on site.

In this way, a reflection of the values ​​and priorities that emerged in our wealthy industrial and knowledge society from the discussions of the restrictions and the “opening discussion orgies” is also implicitly implemented artistically.
We would like to expand upon during the project research:

Our main topics at the moment include

Home art office challenge

New freedom for employees – accustomed work in the art field?

Dancing at a distance

Effects on children, adolescents and teachers through school closings and homeschooling

Brave New Art – TikTokTerror and AI

How does art convey itself through the media?
Which new art forms arise from new media, apps, games and artificial intelligence?

Ecologic relief

Is the corona pandemic our training camp for the climate crisis?

Unpaid pains

What appreciation do the so-called systemically relevant professions experience? Do artists also belong to it?

PopUpCycling, type and scrappage bonus

What connects art and the turnaround in traffic?

Panic People – conspiracy swearlers and aluminum hats

How do people radicalize on social media?
Can art do something about it?

No-escape rooms

Unusual narrowness in family living spaces – Which new living concepts can come from art and design?

Additional sub-pages will be created for this in the course of the project.

How to start ?

As a start, we kindly ask all particpants to answer 3 questions that invite you to take a biographical look at the topic:

  1. What happened to me and within me during Corona?
  2. How did I experience the time of social distancing with family and friends?
  3. What other effects have I noticed that I would like to carry to the play?

In addition to texts, we are very happy to receive photos on the subject, self-painted pictures, sculptures, short videos, memes etc. Selfies with self-made masks are particularly easy, preferably in the form of still lifes.

Cooperation in nationals and international network

For this project we want to cooperate with a broad network of civil society actors.

  • Public schools
  • Universities
  • Unions
  • societies
  • Leisure homes
  • Youth homes
  • Farms
  • Health insurance

At the end of the local projects, there should be a live performance on site. However, since the pandemic is unpredictable, these performances are kept very flexible. We want to attract traditional places of cultural encounters as rehearsal and possible performance locations

  • Museums
  • theatre
  • Concert halls
  • Choirs
  • orchestra
  • Drama schools
  • Ballet schools
  • Dance schools

We also plan short interventions in public spaces in the form of flash mobs and related formats.

High autonomy of the sub-projects

The individual teams on site work with a high degree of autonomy.

The overall artistic direction lies with the initiator of the project, the choreographer and director Thorsten Kreissig.

Media component

The performances should be recorded and possibly also streamed. A small series of videos should be realized in advance of the project.

Corona-specific security measures

Depending on the current state of the pandemic, preliminary discussions can alternatively take place in real rooms with the appropriate security measures or in the form of interactive video conferences. Many easy-to-use, efficient tools for online cooperation are used.

The movement training takes place with a sufficient safety distance at a distance e.g. in gyms or other large rooms. Here, existing furniture serves as a spacer and, if necessary, also as a stage set that can be danceable.


In order not to unnecessarily burden the project with high equipment budgets, on-site furniture, gymnastics equipment, partition walls, cleaning buckets, etc. serve as the basis for easily convertible, danceable and playable stage sets. The costumes will play with the theme of the ubiquitous masks.

If you would like to participate as an individual, as a team, as an artist or as an institution, please send us a short email to