Improv theatre – the art of improvisation.

Improv theatre is not only a wonderful way of great entertainment. It is a great and safe way to learn about life. Improv is perfectly suited to promote personality development, to foster creativity, acceptance and improve resilience in a playful and surprisingly sustainable way.
Language-free improvisation games are particularly suitable for intercultural communication. Structured improvisation exercises are helpful in learning foreign languages since the process turns from a merely intellectual effort to a truly holistic experience.

„Oh Yeeees !“ – Radical Acceptance

The idea of a radically positive acceptance of a given situation is the basis of all improvisational art. The mindset of an improv player is a constant „Oh Yeeaaaaah!”, never a „Naaaaay“.
Suggestions of the colleagues are taken on with enthusiasm and are futher developed into exciting stories.
This basic principle of radical acceptance does not only provide for facsinating scnes on stage.
It contains some wonderful, life-affirming and sometimes therapeutical and cathartical approaches. Therefor improv, with its many language-free communication games, is also wonderfully suited to facilitating intercultural encounters, reducing tensions and releasing creativity in individuals, team and larger organizations on many levels.

Improvisation on stage

Theatre sports

Improv theatre is always unique. Because it’s not about reeling off what we’ve learned, but about developing new ideas and material. The most entertaining exchange happens in „theatre sports“ when performers will enact and develop the ideas of their audience live on stage.
The basics here are all the methods described in the wonderful books of to the Canadian director Keith Johnstone, the “high priest of improv “.

Contact improv & free dance

Dance is also perfectly suited for improvisation. „Free dance“ offers amazing new approaches to “coordinated movement” encompassing traditional dance styles of all ages and developing them further.
With the help of a few basic rules and techniques and a constant respect for the physicality of your partners you can move on to contact improv. Letting yourself go, trusting in yourpartners and experiencing true moments of zero gravity are mind-blowing experiences.

Life to the power of two – intense and exhilarating.
(Sex must be reaaaally good to compete with contact improv 😉

Book your improv class

As a passionate improv-player and improv-coach , TeeKay has been offering improv classes for beginners and advanced players since 2010.
(A list can be found at the bottom of this page).

Personality development

Any acting training can be described as the planned and consistent exploration of the self. In a traditional acting class this happens with healthy persons, in therapy with people who, for whatever reason, need help.
The therapeutically usable parts are also confirmed by the work of the American pedagogue Viola Spolin with her basic acceptance model.

Seminars and Workshops

Here is a small selection of intensive seminars lasting several days.
For schools and impro beginners, shorter taster workshops are of course also quite possible at any time 🙂 .

Hanns Seidel FoundationImprov for teeangers and adults at KlosternEaster 2016
Easter 2017
American International School ChennaiImprov and role study forNovember 2016
Spanish Ministry of Education NavarraLosing Inhibitions (teacher training)March 2015
Cerebellum Impro DresdenAdvanced class- focus on tragedyApril 2014
Marmaladn AmalaBayreuth Impro Intensive for ExpertsJune 2011
MHN, Mensa University NetworkImprov for AdvancedJuly 2010
MinD Academy CologneImprov for BeginnersOctober 2010

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