U&I Vorstellungen

After the concept of U&I Robotic Dance was first introduced TeeKay has been in contact with different organizations.
The first try-out will happen during the EU-STEM-Awards at the Politechnico di Milano on March 14th 2020.

We invite all dance and robot enthusiasts to join us 🙂

Timetable STEM Awards

In order to combine all different robots and to give enough preparation time, here is a possible time table:

Time   Topic
10:00 Meeting of all participants, easy get together
10:15 Explanation of the project
10:30 Different kinds of robots work in their teams together
(rehearsal spaces)
12:30 General rehearsal indoor
13:00 Performance #1  indoor
13:10 Break – reorganize
13:30 Performance # 2 indoor
13:40 Lunchbreak
14:15 Ggeneral rehearsal outdoor – if the weather is good
15:00 Performance outdoor

Possible performances

Festa San Giovanni Torino
Hannover Fair 2020
Motek Stuttgart
Automatica Munich

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